Touching the Intangible

“They’re praying as you read this, no matter when you read it, because it’s their job to cast a night-and-day mantle of prayer over the world from their tiny enclave in downtown Cleveland.” Kristin Ohlson in Stalking the Divine

There a are certain things that capture my attention beyond all measure. Heat Lightning, ice cream trucks, Christmas lights, wild dolphins, and posted prayers.

I occasionally take my body to the gym and there is a tiny room there they call the chapel. Because I’m always searching for a place where other people aren’t to collect my introspective, introverted self – I step inside. What I’m always drawn to is the tiny bulletin board where people I don’t know have posted prayers. No, not just prayers – prayer requests. Small sentences that say so much. Words that pop off the cards like husband, jobless, tumor, son, baby, mother, home, help.

The internet has sites that are similar where people have posted a request, lit a candle, asked for an intercession. The quote today was taken from the book Stalking the Divine that Kristin Ohlson wrote about the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration, a tiny threadbare cloistered group of nuns dedicated to prayer. The thought of them praying night and day for strangers and the world at large gives me comfort.

Knowing that you may be out there praying for a stranger everyday gives me comfort also. It is a gift to pray, to try beyond natural evidence to make a difference in this world. Sometimes evidence of prayers answered manifest and those times are grand but could be far and few between. Still, we pray.

Now, does any of this prayer business matter? Does it really in any way, shape or form make  a difference in this world? Well, all we really need is a single moment to risk the possibility that touching the intangible with our words, with the brush stroke of a thought, can make a difference asked  for on tiny hand scratched card, a flickering light, a passing strangers.

I’ll take the greatest chance, roll the dice and gamble that it matters. significantly, seriously matters.


About River Jordan

Writer, Creative Conversator, Radio Producer/Host
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