An Open Invitation

Welcome to the Praying for Stangers Blog space where I hope to chronicle for you this wild and wonderful journey.

As Many of you may know for 2009 I had one resolution – to Pray for a Stranger each day. The way that resolution developed, the stories that evolved,  and the way both the stories and the resolution affected my life, will now become a Penguin release in Spring of 2011.

MY special Invitation: Would you care to join me in Praying for a Stranger every day for 30 days?   It could be the woman you pass in the grocery aisle, the man you sit next to on the subway, or a face in a crowded theatre.

Originally, I had never planned on telling anyone. I mean c’mon! No matter how many road trips, how many book signings for the novels, or radio shows – I’m still just an introverted writer at heart. But something happened one day when I stepped forward one day in a bus stop and told someone they were my special person for the day. That woman’s response astounded me so much I told another. And another. Because the bottom line is that day that woman’s story become a  part of my story.  Right there in the middle of my busy, crazy life.  And anyone that knows me at all knows that stories are an extremely valuable part of my life.

Now I have invited a few friends if they would like to join me in Praying for Strangers. Would you join me for just 30 days?

(A Special NOTE: I don’t pray for people in public when I speak to them. It’s just a way to say hello and introduce myself and mention this thing I do.
This is not a conversion prayer, or a type of testimony time. It’s simply a beautiful way to connect with another human being on a personal, spiritual level.)

If you would like to pray for a stranger a day for 30 days please let me hear from you.  Hey, your 30 days could begin anytime – even today! And it could last seven days or a lifetime.

This resolution continues to be an amazing adventure of the human kind. Thanks for joining the journey!

River Jordan


About River Jordan

Writer, Creative Conversator, Radio Producer/Host
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13 Responses to An Open Invitation

  1. Love the new blog and yes, I want to join you in praying for a stranger a day for 30 days. what an affect this could have on so many of us… the people doing the praying as much as the people they are praying for. Thanks for this, and I can’t wait to read the book!

  2. I’m in, and am looking forward to seeing where this all goes!

  3. Debbie says:

    What a great idea! I will join you in this! How amazing it is to be able to pray.

  4. Thank you Susan and Debbie. You may never know how much your silent prayers may mean to Stranger that day. I can’t think of any days where I don’t need them.

    And thanks to all those who have left comments (and such sweetness) on my Facebook announcement link. You make me believe so much in that unknown state of grace that one strangers offers to another.

    • Debbie says:

      do you have a Facebook page and if so where would I find you? I’d love to be your friend, you are awesome!

      • River Jordan says:

        Debbie – Facebook page is listed under River Jordan. We are all awesome when we look beyond our own lives – now if I can just learn to be more friendly to my neighbors – yes?

  5. Greg says:

    I’m in! Looking forward to what God will do through all these people praying for, and getting involved with, the strangers around them.

  6. Cynthia Sadler says:

    Hey River, It has been awhile…I am definitely in…Brought tears to my eyes when I first seen this on you blog back in January.. Bless you, in all you do for others…Keep on rolling with the flow.. 😉

  7. River Jordan says:

    Eleanor, Greg, Cynthia – and those also responding by email and facebook

    So good to see you here. Looking forward to your sharing your stories and comments. I know that will be as widely individualistic as the sands.

    Please keep me posted here as I will check in every day!


  8. Yes, I would like to join you too.

  9. Catherine Dunn Clenney says:

    My friend River, you will always be a soul-mate to me of sorts. I am sure you know this. It is Jul19, 2010 and I just started reading the challenge you put out for 2010, this 2009 resolution sounds like one of the best I have heard yet. I have put it to good use in July. I had tears in my eyes just reading some of those comments. Yesterday ended my three day HAZWOPER MARINE training. To date I have had 90 hours of this special training. I understand the challenge and the resolution of one stranger but I guess I started with a few strangers and will wind it back to one. The class had 165 people and it was held in Port St Joe, Florida. Many people came to mind and after reading the comments I have said a prayer for each stranger that stood out to me during the last three days. There were several older captains, that still had a sparkle in their eye. The sparkle was there even though they had more than fishing stories to tell you about now since the oil spill. Most of them had been working every day on their boats and after almost three months were just now getting into the much needed safety class. Some had been paid and some were having trouble getting their invoices paid. My prayers go out to them. You always have the strangers in your life that are easy to approach and those who are not. I loved the thing you said about telling a stranger you had them in your prayers the night before and they were your special person. That would really opens their hearts and eyes to someone they do not even know acknowledging them. Sometimes that is all they want. There was a sweet lady there and she came to support, standby and be an alternate to her husband. She said she didn’t do the paperwork, and was only a fillin but that it was important to her. She did not look like the seaworthy type but looks can be deceiving. It was in her heart to do anything needed to help her family in any way she could. I told her she and her family would be in my prayers. There were strangers in that class some who were older, some who had been physically hurt, handicapped and those younger ones who could not be outdone! All of them were there to do whatever it took to help keep their family going, to work hard day and night, pay the bills, and put food on the table. The instructor made a smart statement when he told everyone, when you get your first check and it is a large one put up for a rainy day. You will not and can not know when that rainy day will come. Don’t go out and buy big new trucks, if you need one buy a good used one. Put your money up so you will still have some when you are deactivated. There were strangers there that I felt were really angels. Those people told stories about how they just slid by death’s door and listened to their inner voice. That when you feel something is not right to stop and reevaluate even if someone is standing right beside you yelling to hurry up and get the job done. There are alot of dangers every day in everyone’s life. Take the time to listen, learn, and to pray. I think I will incorporate this prayers for strangers into my everyday life starting today. I always have prayed for anyone I saw that needed it. But never actually spoke to each one. This is going to be an interesting thing to incorporate. Love you my friend forever. Thanks for inspiring me even more than you already have. You are in my prayers every day. Just look how you are changing lives and inspiring others. As always I am so proud of you. Catherine Dunn Clenney

    • River Jordan says:

      Dear Cathy,

      If you remember our first meeting was you being a very special stranger in my life and coming to my aid in a stressful situation. If that wasn’t a prayer answered and received I don’t know what could be. Thanks for being you and sharing your wonderful story!


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